About Our Project

Hard hats are a ubiquitous piece of safety equipment on every major job site.  The first step in Wearable Technology for construction, therefore, should consider the hard hat as a "Smart" improvement.  Our project explored this potential by applying inexpensive, off-the-shelf hardware to hard hats to create a development environment for Wearable Technology in Construction.  

In this particular example of Wearable Technology, we're applying temperature and humidity sensors, along with video capture, to hard hats. Construction is a huge industry ($776 billion in 2011 with 9.1 million workers). That which is measured, improves. By measuring these factors and stresses, we can improve awareness and productivity of workers.

How are we hacking our hard hats?

We are using the following hardware to hack our hard hats:

What runs this stuff?

We are using the following software to run these hard hats:

  • Rasbian, a Linux flavor for Raspberry Pi
  • Python, a programming language
  • JPGraph, a PHP graphing program
  • Joomla, website content management

Hack My Hard Hat

Worker #1 - Temp & RH Data

Worker #2 - Temp & RH Data

Worker #3 - Temp & RH Data

Latest Image - Worker #1

Latest Image - Worker #2

Latest Image - Worker #3

Our Team

  • Brett Young | Modulus Consulting. brett@modulusconsulting.com. Role: Enabler and Initiator
  • Mark Decker | Hunt Construction Group. markdecker11@gmail.com. Role: Videographer
  • Ben Buschmann | Intergral Group. ben@rootnaturally.com. Role: Hardware / Installation of Tape / Soldering Apprentice
  • Sridhar Baldava | Walter P Moore. sbaldava@walterpmoore.com. Role: Python Wrangler
  • Sherri Sung | Boldt Company. sherri.sung@boldt.com. Role: Actress
  • Sabrina Odah | Boldt Company. sabrina.odah@boldt.com. Role: Actress
  • Special thanks to the AEC Hackathon and Facebook.
  • It takes a Hackathon to know who can spell "Raspberry"

About the AEC Hackathon

A first for the Architecture, Engineering, Construction Industry, the AEC Hackathon is a non-profit event that creates on-the-spot teams of technologists and industry stakeholders to shape the future of our built environment. The hackathon provides a playful, exploratory environment where disruption and creative ideas are the essential tools for innovation. The AEC community faces fresh new problems that urgently need brilliant minds to solve them. How are you changing the world?